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Welcome to Excellent Travel to JOHOR

Welcome to Excellent Travel to Johor. The website introduces travel information for those famous and beautiful islands in JOHOR.

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Pulau RAWA
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Pulau Pemanggil
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Pulau SIBU

We’ve focused for decades on inspiring you to explore the world. That’s why we provide tons of recommendations throughout the magazine and on our website, offer useful strategies for making smart decisions in the Upgrade section, and help guide you to the right travel specialists (this way for our complete list of recommended agents). Still, I’ve always thought we could do even more to serve you better. We’re taking a big step in that direction with Excellent Travel to Full-fledged trips that you can book by simply picking up the phone or sending an e-mail. To create them, our editors began with two questions: Where are the places that we most want to go right now? And which experiences have enough wow factor to make us jump on a plane in a heartbeat? Then, working with the highly respected travel company Black Tomato, we turned those ideas into complete itineraries, drawing on our collective experience and knowledge of the best places to go and things to do. The result is 20 incredible trips that you won’t find anywhere else.